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ACT! Premium 2009 Not Recording Outlook History (all obvious things checked!)

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ACT! Premium 2009 Not Recording Outlook History (all obvious things checked!)

Microsoft Outlook 2003 (

ACT! Premium 2009 (v11.0.0.367)


No email History is recorded in the corresponding Contact's history tab. This is not an unusual error of course, and generally not too difficult to rectify by following a number of common checks. However, on this occasion I have attempted to apply all the checks/fixes known to me, and still without success. I wonder whether anyone has encountered a similar problem?


Things done so far:


  • Checked basic Email System Setup (Tools/Prefs)
  • Ensured History filters set to 'All Dates', 'All Types', 'All Users'
  • Manually removed Address book via (ACT!) Tools/Prefs/email...
  • Manually removed ACT! Outlook Address book folder keys from registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACT\OutlookAddressBook)
  • Re-configured Outlook Address book via ACT!
  • Checked Act.Outlook.Service running - manually stopped and restarted  
  • Checked Registry Key Load Behavior set to (3) (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Outlook\Addins\ACTOutlookAddin.Connect)
  • Checked Registry Key Load Behavior set to (3) (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Outlook\Addins\ACTOutlookAddin.Connect)
  • Deleted contents of HistoryQueue folder (%appdata% act\act for windows11\)
  • Checked Microsoft Word disabled as Outlook Editor
  • Run 'Detect and Repair' in Outlook
  • Run all ACTDIAG Diagnostic utilities
  • Reinstalled ACT!
  • Restarted PC
  • Scratched head
  • Prayed!

All the appropriate ACT! icons are fully visible in Outlook; Emails do find their way into the HistoryQueue folder... but just sit there!

I would be grateful for any further suggestions....



Will Ingleby
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Re: ACT! Premium 2009 Not Recording Outlook History (all obvious things checked!)

You've been very thorough!  Here are some additional steps to try:

- stop the Act.Outlook.Service.exe through Task Manager

- go to the Historyqueue folder and copy all of it's contents to a different folder (a backup folder)

- delete all of the contents from the Historyqueue folder

- restart the Act.Outlook.Service.exe (double click on c:\program files\act\act for window\act.outlook.service.exe)

- test a new history attachment through Outlook

If the test passes through the historyqueue folder and attaches, you can begin copying the messages back into the historyqueue folder from the backup folder but you may have a corrupted message that will block the flow of history again. 


Greg Martin