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ACT! Premium 2009 (11.0) Update issue

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ACT! Premium 2009 (11.0) Update issue

How can you disable the automatic update for ACT Premium 2009 from 11.0 to 11.1? 


Running ACT database off of Windows Server 2008.

Update was started from version 11.0 to 11.1 plus hotfix before it was realized that all users would have to update (sales people at home/various locations, we'd prefer to choose a better time).

 Update failed to complete, stopping about 10kB short of finishing the download, with no way to cancel, and now the update starts downloading every time ACT is started.  We don't want someone accessing the server to accidentally update the main database to 11.1 (if it is ever fixed and actually finishes updating) and have everyone lose the ability to sync while unprepared for the changeover.




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Re: ACT! Premium 2009 (11.0) Update issue

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 Now since you tried to update the program and it failed, and that you don't want to update the program now, for act to function on the machine you would have to remove act and reinstall the program.


If you want to know how to disable the automatic popup for updating the program try following the link How To Disable the "Automatically Check for updates" Option in ACT! and see if that helps.

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