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ACT Premium 20 - Dropbox Integration

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ACT Premium 20 - Dropbox Integration

I am trialing ACT! 20 Premium Cloud  and the features list says it will integrate with Dropbox within ACT!.  I cannot figure out how to do this, can anyone give me a hint?


Also, can you install Addons to the cloud version of ACT?


Thank you.

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Re: ACT Premium 20 - Dropbox Integration

Act! integration with Dropbox (and thousands of other 3rd party services) can be achieved by first linking Act to a Zapier account.

Zapier is a free service that acts as a connector between different web services.

Check out this KB on getting connected to Zapier:

Addons aren't supported on Cloud, unfortunately - though if you have an offline remote database, some addons may be usable this way.
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Re: ACT Premium 20 - Dropbox Integration

The Dropbox reference is about the ability to link a file to a Contact, Company, Group, Opportunity.
See: "Adding a Link (URL)" in this article -

Re the add-ons: There are different types of add-ons.

Some, like those going via Zapier (that @JonTaylor mentioned) and other newer soluitions use the new WebAPI and will work with Premium Cloud.


Others need the additional functionality in the the SDK or need to be installed on the server.

If you need to use one of those you can do this with most of the third-party hosts or, as Jon mentioned, by sync'ing to a local Subscriber copy.