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ACT Premium 19 - Email Link & Gmail

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ACT Premium 19 - Email Link & Gmail

Any way to get the email link in ACT to open a new Gmail message for me?  When I click the link, it wants to open the ACT Email Editor which provides an error because the email editor is essentially not working with internet mail.


I can definitely work around this, but would love to just click something and actually be able to start writing an email the specific contact.


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Re: ACT Premium 19 - Email Link & Gmail

Hi Sucia,


It is possible, however not by using the built-in Act! email system tools. Alternate methods have to be used in this case.


Here are a couple of suggestions to do this:

  • Create a custom command
    1. Click tools > Customize > Menus and Toolbars
    2. On the Custom Commands tab, create a new command and name it however you like, and enter the following into the Command line field:
    3. Click Add Command, then in the Commands tab, click Custom Commands and drag the new command to a toolbar to add it to the interface.
    4. Clicking the command will open your default browser and show the gmail compose window.

      The downside to this is that the contact email is not pre-filled. The suggestion below can offer this function.
  • Use the Web Info tab
    1. Click Edit Links on the Web Info tab when viewing a contact
    2. Click Add and name it however you like. In the URL field enter the following:{E-mail}
    3. Click OK, then test it by clicking the new link. You should see the gmail compose window appear in the tab with the contacts email address pre-filled.
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Re: ACT Premium 19 - Email Link & Gmail


More than 5 years ago we built a plugin that will do what you want and it is free and available from here: It populates the To: field with the email address. Why Swiftpage haven't added similar functionality to Act! Premium for Web as a convenience for their customers is a mystery. APFW Gmail Button.bmpPopulated To Field.bmp  

Graeme Leo
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