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ACT Premier SQL questions

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ACT Premier SQL questions

I need to be able to install ACT using SQL 2008 instead of Express.  This is supported in Premier, correct?


Also, once the table are on a server, can you run inserts to the ACT tables?  We have some external accounting and LDAP tables that we want to synch to ACT.  Curious is this can be accomplished???



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Re: ACT Premier SQL questions

Yes you can use SQL 2008 Standard... you need to manually create the ACT7 instance as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


No, you cannot write directly to the database. You need to do this via the ACT! Framework. See:

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Re: ACT Premier SQL questions

It could be done using an API for ACT! refer API for ACT!  Database integrity is assured as it uses the ACT! SDK.

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