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ACT! Outlook Calendar Double Booking

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ACT! Outlook Calendar Double Booking

Total newbie here...  We're a 10 person non-profit that just migrated from Goldmine to ACT! 2011 Premium.  Our appointments/meetings are double booking under certain circumstances. 


Here’s the setup:  Those of us with smartphones are viewing our e-mail and calendars directly from exchange server.  We setup ACT!/Outlook calendar synch so that our ACT! appointments show up in Outlook (and then on our phones).  I’ve also set the synch to keep the ACT! activity when the same appointment appears in both calendars.


Here’s the issue:  When we schedule a meeting/appointment involving a client AND 2 or more employees AND click on “Send an invitation e-mail”, the employee(s) get the e-mail and click accept…  This puts the appointment into Outlook’s calendar which then creates a double booking in the ACT! calendar (not sure how when we set synch to only allow ACT! appointments when there is a duplicate).                       


We don’t want to stop using “Send an invitation…” since we want the client to get the invite.  Also, I don’t believe we want to tell the employees to decline the invite since that will create confusion.  Any ideas how to fix this other than manually deleting the employee e-mail address in the invite e-mail?