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ACT - Online V21

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ACT - Online V21

Due to the upgrade all our end users cannot use ACT locally, which is a bone of contention at the moment.  However one issue is when I login to ACT online database and customise my columns, when I go out of ACT and back in, they reset?


Also when  On my local database if I am in list view and click on the record and select detail view its ok.  I then click on list view it takes me to where that record is. So I know I am on records 1800 etc   When online I am in a detailed record, and then go back to the List View, ACT takes me right back to the beginning and I have to scroll through all the records to find it because I cannot see the record number! 


Also in list view when looking at the phone numbers it displays as XXXX XXXXXX when i go in to the detail view it displays XXXXXXXXX

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Re: ACT - Online V21

Both issues are unwelcome features of the ACT for WEB product. They are both tagged for a fix but it seems to be a (very) long time coming!