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ACT Newbie Administrator

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ACT Newbie Administrator

 We have ACT For Web set up on one of our servers here at the office.(Version 2007 I believe)
 I have been asked to import some data into a database that was not being used for quite some time. I did this a few times  a long time ago. But now for some reason when I go to login(The name of the db I want to import into is listed in the dropdown on the login screen) I get a "Failed to make a connection to the database" error. So I guess the question is whats the best way to go about troubleshooting this.
I unfortunately cannot remember where exactly on our network the database file physically even exists.  I seem to remember seeing some .PAD files at one point in time(perhaps in taking a backup)  but my memory eludes me as to the whereabouts of those files on the network. Is there a way to tell where the website is currently pointing to?  I ran the actdiag command, went into act diagnostics, but I don't see the name of my db on the databases list.(but as I mentioned before, it is listed on the login page)
I can also see a sql instance listed within actdiag, however I don't know the SA password to login to this via sql.
I considered changing the password but am hesitant to do so just yet.There doesn't appear to anything in the web.config like a connection string that tells me where the database lives.

If anybody can offer any advice on how to troubleshoot it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: ACT Newbie Administrator

If it's not in the database list in ACTDiag, then it needs to be mounted again. Try doing a search on the server for .adf and .pad files to see if it finds that old database somewhere. Once you have found it, make sure it's in the shared database location and mount it, then you can log into it again. If you can't find the database on the server, it doesn't exist anymore, so you'll have to start looking at some old backups and see if you can find it.