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ACT - Millions Sold - But how many are in Use??

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ACT - Millions Sold - But how many are in Use??

I wonder how many curious consumers - picked up ACT in there local big box store, read the box and thought: Ohhhh great, I could use this, then bought the software - got it installed (or tried) then found out "OMG This is far to difficult" ---- and stopped using it..... maybe after the 30 day period - and tossed it out - or said - I will try this program again when I have more time.....

and that time never came  ---


I would bet  of the thousands or hundreds of thousands, from the millions sold



Personally - I like to pay a few hundred bucks (per licence) and I like the program to be user friendly...

It seems you have to have 'A' skills to install and operate ACT properly - plus many other variables with your OS and PC have to be up to par.....








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Re: ACT - Millions Sold - But how many are in Use??

If a user decided this within the first 30-days, they could retrun the product, and it wouldn't could toward the number.


Actually, compared to other products on the market, ACT! is still the easiest to use. The only really common issues for new users is that the Microsoft components (.Net and SQL) are not as reliable as we would like.


However, Sage has a big support contact with Microsoft (it must be HUGE for this to happen)... MS actually sent development staff (not just support guys) to the ACT! development office to help resolve the issues AND THEN to the ACT! telephone support teams to sit with them for a day and listen to the problems. They actually identified at least three (from what I heard) speicifc bugs. They came up with a work-around for one that made it's way into 10.02 (the .Net GAC not supporting as many assemblies as they thought) and are working on fixes for the others.