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ACT! Mail merge and html e-bulletin templates and Outlook 2007

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ACT! Mail merge and html e-bulletin templates and Outlook 2007

I have a group of users who use ACT! to send mail bulletins to large numbers of contacts.  The previous systems administrator set them up  and trained the users to send these as BCC emails rather than using mail merge.  This was implemented to avoid a problem with outlook 2007 where formatted emails were received with an attachment rather than content being visible in the body of the email by a large number of the recipients. The current procedure is to use a macro in Word 2007 to generate an Outlook message, which is then sent BCC to an ACT! lookup list of recipients.


Unfortunately a number of recipients are complaining they aren't receiving the messages, though they do receive messages sent directly to them through ACT! - hence my preference for a solution using mail merge.


The picture is being further complicated by our having to incorporate a new e-bulletin template being designed in html.  There is the suggestion they start using the web based mail marketing service that provides an online way of editing the template easily and sending to a mailing- list instead of using ACT!


Does anyone have any experience of a good workaround for this.  Preferably we would continue to use Word to edit the template rather than a third party WYSISWYG html editor.



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Re: ACT! Mail merge and html e-bulletin templates and Outlook 2007

As you list becomes bigger the are inheriant issues using Outlook. I use a tool called mail merge and can send in pure HTML without issue. At $149 for sending bulk email might be worth a look.
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