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Having a frustrating problem.. I use Act Mobile on my Iphone and As of a couple of weeks ago it has started to suddenly started to crash mid-day. What I mean is.. after I will use it a few times (going in & out of the program) my next attempt to open the program will result in this response "Server Error In APFW APP" and then lots of other garbage to follow. The only way for me to sucessfully get back into it was to restart my phone.. actually now I have figured out that I can go into settings and clear out Cookies and Browser history in Safari and that works. Now it pretty much crashes every time I try to open it after using it.. BTW.. we use ACT 2012 Premium for the WEB and our IT guy is scratching his head as he has made numerous adjustments to our dedicated ACT server and this problem still persists. One more thing.. I upgraded my IPhone from a 4 to a 4s last week for other reasons and thinking maybe this problem was something in my phone... nope.. still going on... Please help me... Thanks!!
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Hello Sancoh,
Have you been able to determine a pattern to the crashes? Is it in contact detail view, or calendar, etc...

Assuming there are multiple users of your database, is anyone else having this issue with their phone?

To determine if it is something specific to your ACT! user name, sign into Mobile using a different user name and test (clear cookies first). If it does not crash with another user name, it would indicate an issue with your user name profile or a component of it (ex: bad activity, contact record, etc.).
Greg Martin