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ACT Licensing

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ACT Licensing

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Hi All


I work for a charity which employs approximately 100 people, we are currently reviewing CRM systems and have a question relating to the licensing structure of ACT. We could have up to  80 users using the CRM system, as far as I understand from talking to people at Sage, the licensing structure for ACT premium is based on the number of users and is not concurrent, pushing the price up. My question is what are other peoples thoughts on this and has anyone heard any rumors of the licensing structure changing to concurrent users/logins?


Many thanks in advance



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Re: ACT Licensing

I do not believe there is a change in the near future and yes it is based on Named users. There are situations of job sharing where your concurrent example might be applicable but if you have people job sharing why not have a generic login like PA or the like. The one problem with doing this is that when you want to schedule activities the individuals then this is tied to a user hence per user name licensing.


Maybe you should speak with a local consultant in the UK who can then best advise for your situation.

Paul Buchtmann Australia
Australia's First ACT Consultant (1989)

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Re: ACT Licensing

Hi Mike, Paul is right and I'm not aware of any changes. This is the licensing policy that has been in place for a while now. Get in touch with me directl if you want me to explain further the "job sharing" idea mentioned by Paul. I have a few accounts who do something similar.
Trevor Lever

UK - ACT Certified Consultant