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ACT! Import CSV file.

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ACT! Import CSV file.

We have just installed ACT! 2008 and we aqre trying to import contacts from a CSV file.  However, when we click on the "Import" option in the file menu, nothing happens.


Any idea od what might be wrong and how to fix it?

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Re: ACT! Import CSV file.

What is the operating system?


if it is windows xp machine :

close act, goto desktop screen, right click on the screen, select properties

goto settings, select advanced settings, select troubleshoot tab

reduce the hardware acceleration to null

open act and try to import, follow this kb on how to import csv file into act: How to Import Contact Data


If you have act internet mail config with act, backup act email

also make a note of the location of your database


goto start | run | %appdata% | ACT\ACT for Windows 10

rename the preferences folder, rename the file preferencesbak.xml to preferencesbak.old

open act, it will prompt to setup the preferences for act

check if the import works


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Re: ACT! Import CSV file.

In this case I think you are not the administrator of the database to which you are trying to import; try changing the user to an administrator and then follow file-> import... then it should work