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ACT! For Web 2009 - User must change password at next log on Issue

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ACT! For Web 2009 - User must change password at next log on Issue

I've just recently been having an issue with the "User must change password at next log on" option under "Manage Users". When I reset a user's password and check this option they are required to change their password when the next login. The problem is that it does not give a particular user a pop-up any more to change their password. This appears to be a problem on only one user. I created a test user and tried it and it worked fine on the same machine.

Things to note.

  • Pop-ups are disabled for the site (I have also tried disabling them entirely)
  • The site is in the "Trusted Zone"
  • I have tried this in IE8, IE8(Compatibility Mode), IE7, Safari
  • I have tried this on several machine and had the exact same issue on all of them. New user works fine. Old user, no go.
It only appears to be affecting one user and I've never had issues before this. Also like I said I've tried another user and it gives me the pop-up just fine. I could go ahead and delete the user and re-create it I'm sure, but I just want to see if anyone else has had this issue and if it's a sign of some more serious issue or just a fluke.