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ACT! Dialer

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ACT! Dialer

I have a customer that is looking to use ACT! - however they need to be able to use a click to dial type system.


My question is, can we amend the contact form to have a button next to the telephone number fields that calls a URL in a GET or Post http method. Passing in the telephone number field and username would be the post ideal way if at all possible. The Dial IT add-on isn’t suitable as it uses TAPI (which doesn’t work with the installation type they have planned).


Do you have any suggestions for non-TAPI alternatives? It will be a terminal services installation.

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Re: ACT! Dialer

The phone numbers you see displayed in the ACT! phone fields isn't what is stored in the database. The ACT! phone numbers are stored in TAPI canonical form for compatibility with the Windows dialer which is what the ACT! program uses for dialing.

Roy Laudenslager
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