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ACT Attachments creating duplicate files in Attachments Folder

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ACT Attachments creating duplicate files in Attachments Folder

I'm currently using ACT 2010, but this issue I'm going to discuss I've had for a while and don't know when it started.


I'm aware that any files you attach to notes/history/document items will all show up in the \* database files\attachments folder.

That's fine.  I realize ACT is putting a copy of attached files into this folder regardless of where the original file was located.


What I'm wondering about is why I have multiple occurrences of nearly duplicate files in this folder.

For example I have several cases where a second copy of a file with a long string of characters have been added to the end of the filename.  For example:

"filename.pdf" will be one file in the attachments folder and right under it there is a second file called

"filename 5e34b0b7-afd6-477f-8cc6-ae3144e375c1.pdf"


Both are the same size, identical files other than the names.  So in some cases my attachments are taking up twice as much hard drive space as they need to be.  Why is this happening and how do I correct it?


I've attached a picture of my attachments folder showing some of examples of these files that ACT has added long filename extensions to.


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Re: ACT Attachments creating duplicate files in Attachments Folder

Hello vacogroup,
If you see more than occurrence of an attachment in your database files, it usually means that the same document is attached to more than one contact. The GUID number is the unique identifier that associates that copy of the file with a particular contact.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: ACT Attachments creating duplicate files in Attachments Folder

Thanks for the response.

I resolved the issue after spending a fair bit of time yesterday sorting out what was happening.  Any time an existing file of the same name was already in the attachments folder a new file would be created.


It seems as though the best practice for editing or replacing an existing file that is attached to a contact in ACT is save the file somewhere other than the attachments folder, detach the file from the contact (which removes the file from the attachments folder) and then re-attach the new file.


Doing this procedure to several files in my database yesterday has left me with none of these duplicate files.  I had to play around a bit to get this synchronized between my main database and the remote database on my laptop that I was syncing to, but eventually I got the same set of files in the "attachments" folder on each computer.  All seems to be well now after some manual intervention.