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ACT! Attach to contact doesn't work

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ACT! Attach to contact doesn't work

We just had ACT! 2009 premium installed, and am using Outlook 2003 as the email client.  Trying to attach emails received from Outlook to several contacts at the same time (one contact being me - as I need a list of all these emails in my history), and of course, the contact which the email is about.  Most of these emails contain attachments.... and I have checked off in them email setup system record history page to record "emails, message, and attachments."  When I open the email I want to attach to the history tabs, I click the "Attach to Contact" button and enter the contacts, highlight them, and press "ok."  Most of the time it doesn't work at all, I've tried the send/receive button, the refresh button on ACT, but no avail. Sometimes only one of the contacts will receive the email.  Sometimes one of the contacts has the wrong time - very confusing.


I cannot find the Quick Attach button either... any idea how to get this working???

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Re: ACT! Attach to contact doesn't work

If the quick attach button (in Outlook) is not available - you probably have to start again. Import you ACT dbase to outlook and try again.