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ACT Alerts for Opportunities

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ACT Alerts for Opportunities



I'm looking for a solution, I would like to be alerted when a opportunity is closed.


Ideally I would like a email to be send with the detail of the opp/opps...


Is this something that is available?


Would greatly appreciate anyone's ideas

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: ACT Alerts for Opportunities

I think you might have two options here:


1. SAM (Sales Automation Manager) at  I have not tested this extensively with Opps, but for automating correspondence (i.e. email) when something happens in ACT it's a fantastic tool


2. There an addon called Scripting for ACT that puts a scripting engine into ACT that can be triggered on basically any event happening.  You need to know how to program to use it, but it can be made to do automatically do anything you do manually.

Richard Brust
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Re: ACT Alerts for Opportunities

Our company currently uses Event Manager from VineyardSoft Corporation.  Works well for database monitor and event/exception reporting.  It is currently bundled with our ERP software but an additional license can be purchased to monitor the Act database as well.

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Re: ACT Alerts for Opportunities

You could set up Smart Tasks to do this. It will email the Sales Manager (or who you designate) that a new Opportunity has been won but not which opportunity it is. Run once a day on Statues Won and tick run only once.