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ACT! Address Book error

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ACT! Address Book error

I have a client who uses a laptop, when he is in the office, he has a live connection to the ACT! Database, when out of the office, he does not use ACT!, but does use Microsoft Outlook.


When he returns to the office, and starts Microsoft Outlook, it complains that it can't find the ACT! Address Book.

What seems to be happening is that when he opens Outlook when out of the office, because it can't find the ACT! Address book (he is out and about, the server is back in the office) it seems to drop the link.


This means they need to recreate the link. 


To work around this, I've created a small script that gives them a shortcut on the desktop, they double click that, the ACT! Address Book entry is recreated, they start ACT!, no more error.


I've included how below so that others with the same issue might benefit.


To create this first of all export the following registry key to a .reg file HKCU\Software\Act\OutlookAddressBooks\1 (See screenshot below) and save it to ACTAddressBook.reg

Then create a file on your desktop called AddAddressBook.cmd that contains the following:

regedit.exe /s C:\ACTData\ACTAddressBook.reg

 Of course, modify with the approprate path (and filename if you saved it differently).


See for more on using Regedit.