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ACT 9.0 -> ACT 11.0 conversion - question re licensing

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ACT 9.0 -> ACT 11.0 conversion - question re licensing

Due to the nature of our business and compliance issues, we must leave our ACT 9.0 database intact on it's server during conversion.


To do this, I have installed ACT 11.0 on another server (Server2) and plan to use it during a 1 week period to ensure the conversion is successful.  Then convert the original database (Server1) and switch the users to it.


Regarding licensing...  I have registered my ACT 11.0 license numbers on Server2.  I realize now that I can just allow my users to use the "trial" version since we'll have 30 days to convert.  However, what happens when I uninstall ACT 11.0 on Server2 and change over my users to Server1?  Will uninstalling "release" those license numbers for use on Server1?  Are there steps I should take to ensure this goes smoothly?


I realize this sounds like a lot of runaround but trust me, best case scenario in this environment.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: ACT 9.0 -> ACT 11.0 conversion - question re licensing

If you backup and do a restore as once the main server is running it should not be a problem.
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