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ACT 2012 Web gets locked out

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ACT 2012 Web gets locked out

We have one user who uses web versions says that he gets timed out every few minutes and cannot log back in until minutes later. The Time out we have on the server is 4 hrs. It's shared database. Any posible areas I can troubleshoot with? I thought about the loosing connection, but per him, he didn't loose anything but ACT only. It happens when he tries to add some info and click on Save button, it takes him to the login prompt or he's away from his desk for few minutes, when returns, he gets locked out. He uses  windows 7. 


Any input will be greatly appreiated. 


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Re: ACT 2012 Web gets locked out

There could be several causes for this. Since it’s only one user consistently there has to be something on that side breaking the connection. What sort of internet connection does he use? What version of Internet Explorer is he using? Try following the steps in the following KB Article and have him see if this helps:
Damien Park