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ACT 2012 Premum Metadata Error

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ACT 2012 Premum Metadata Error

This is Odd. Getting the metta data error for a single user when ACT is loading database (All other users are OK) on a server (APP server 2012) plus not set to an object error as well. Deleted preferences from Appdata several times but error stays. Can anyone think of how a users windows profile settings might give this error? The IT support are sure that all users are the same but this seems the only varible left? (Have also tried opening as a different ACT user with same result on same windows profile.) The actual database is hosted on a master SQL server and the same user can access the same database from a different machine.

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Re: ACT 2012 Premum Metadata Error

-Remember it is important to back up your database before any procedure
-Copy the Backup ZIP file must be placed in an external drive or USB memory for more safety
-This backup should be frequent (Daily if possible)



  1. Close Act!. (User computer)
  2. Click the Windows Start button, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
    1. Type in one of the following commands depending on your version of Act!:
    2. ACT! by Sage 2007 and later: actdiag
    3. Click on Databases > Database List on the left side. The Databases view appears.
    4. Click the Tools menu, and then click Delete Preferences. The following Act! dialog box appears:

  1. Click Yes to continue, and then close the Act! Diagnostics utility.
  2. Launch Act!. The following Act! dialog box appears:

  3. Click No. The Act! Getting Started Wizard (or the Act! Setup Assistant if using ACT! by Sage 2009) appears.
  4. Click Cancel, and then click the button near the upper-left corner. An Open dialog box appears.
  5. Navigate to (if necessary) and Open your database.
  6. Click the Tools option, and then click Preferences to ensure that your Word Processor, Fax and E-mail preferences are configured correctly.


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Re: ACT 2012 Premum Metadata Error

Thanks Janco


But preferences have been deleted 3 times and error stays. I agree that this is what it looks like should fix it and may now suggest that IT  recreate the windows profile from scratch as I can see no other variable that could cause this.