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ACT 2012 Premium - attached emails are 0kb in Attachments folder

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ACT 2012 Premium - attached emails are 0kb in Attachments folder

Hello all,


I recently converted our large database to ACT 2012 from ACT 2007 and everything appeared to go smoothly. For our remote user, I created a new remote database and it is syncing without trouble.


My remote user is a heavy Outlook email user and likes to attach every email to his contact (using the "Email, Subject + all Attachments"). For some unknown reason I have a group of 224 messages (out of 70,000+) that are 0KB in his attachments folder. If I come across one of these messages in the ACT history, I get a "cannot find file" message, understandably. If I go into his Outlook sent items and then manually attach the message it is then accessible from the newly created history item.


My question is, is there any way to recover these 0kb attachments? I can use the "Date Created" on the 0kb files to match them up to Sent Items in Outlook and manually reattach them but that will be a long and tedious process. Evidently just going into his Sent Items to find the missing attachment is too much work!

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Re: ACT 2012 Premium - attached emails are 0kb in Attachments folder



  Are these 0kb attachment files available on the server version of Act!?  If they happen to be there you can always remove the 0kb files from the remote, and transfer the attachments folder over to the remote (Not overwriting files) to see if that brings back functionality.  If they don't exist on the server, then they weren't transferred properly at some point.  Either the files themselves have become corrupt, or they weren't packed in the remote properly.


  Tell me how these attachments look on the server vs. the remote.

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