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ACT! 2012 Crashing on Exit

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ACT! 2012 Crashing on Exit

When I close ACT! 2012 14.0.572.0 -running on Windows 7 x64

It gives and error and this in in the Event Log:


Fault bucket 2274933462, type 5
Event Name: CLR20r3
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: actsage.exe
P2: 14.0.572.0
P3: 4e4cb29c
P4: System.Workflow.Runtime
P6: 4ca2e045
P7: 267
P8: 2f2

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol:
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: 2cfac471-d40c-11e0-94d3-005056c00008
Report Status: 0

 Happy to post the crash files if needed.

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: ACT! 2012 Crashing on Exit

Did you happen to upgrade from a Sage ACT! 2011 database?  Was it perchance a 2011 Beta DB?

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Re: ACT! 2012 Crashing on Exit

Upgraded through every version and beta since 1.0a for DOS in 1987
So, while not created by 2011 beta, it did go via it :-)

If any help, Tushar Vyas has my database at the moment to see if he can fix the issue I have with Connect
Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: ACT! 2012 Crashing on Exit

Hi Allen,


I have about four systems with ACT! 2012, all of which are 64-bit, and all crash upon exit.

It's also unrelated to the database as I frequently teach with the demo database.


And most of these systems are clean installs with new operating systems.




Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
Toronto, Ontario
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Re: ACT! 2012 Crashing on Exit

We've been experiencing crashes on exit: 3 systems each running XP and ACT! 2012 Premium for Web, all updated with the latest service packs.

Every time (with no exception, so far) I exit ACT, I get an alert stating that "Sage ACT! has encountered a problem and needs to close".

This alert might pop up immediately after I close the program or appear several minutes later. Up to about two weeks ago, everything was working flawlessly but after the systems had restarted themselves after a Patch Tuesday, this appeared. So I'm assuming it was some update from Microsoft that broke it.

Other than being another Windows annoyance, it doesn't seem to affect the performance of the program.