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ACT! 2011 Web and 2010 Web together?

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ACT! 2011 Web and 2010 Web together?


I have a few questions which ultimately lead to the following question: Can I have ACT! 2011
and 2010 (Both Web) on the same database for our employees to be able to use
2010 since they are more familiar with that version?

The breakdown:

1- Is there an ACT 2010 Web version?
2 - Is there a way I can set it up on the same network that ACT 2011 Web is on?
3 - If Yes to both the questions above, can I integrate both versions to one
database and...
4 - Can they both run and have an option for our employees using WEB to access
either 2010 or 2011

So for instance: MYIPAddress/APFW is my 2011 web now; can I have
MYIPAddress/APFW2 for 2010 which saves to the same database or anything along
those lines?

I appreciate any insight on the matter.  I do have premium access for support but can't stand the hour long hold time.


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Re: ACT! 2011 Web and 2010 Web together?

No, all uses must access ACT via the same version.  Each specific database must be accessed by the same version.


However, you can (if you choose) from a single machine access both versions via act for web.

You can access a 2010 database hosted on a 2010 server via ACT for Web

and you can access a  2011 database hosted on a 2011 server via ACT for web.

This would require 2 different servers and the two databases would not talk to each other.


As far as usability, the 2011 version if very similar to the 2010 version for most basic features.  IT would most likely be much simpler to just train the users on the differences.

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Re: ACT! 2011 Web and 2010 Web together?

If you needed this, you'd need to use a separate machine (VMware is good for this) for the 2010 web

If you upgrade so everyone on 2011 (as Jon said, best idea) and need to keep the data separate - You can use separate virtual folders (if needed for security) or same folder where the login selects the db