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ACT 2011 Premium

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ACT 2011 Premium

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We have a network installation of Act 2011 Premium. With 4 Remote users. One of the users just recently noticed all attachments and files within act are now populating within his root My Documents folder. All pdf saved/attached to contacts not only from him but the other users he manages.  What would invoke these files to now save locally in the My Documents folder? I had deleted all the file attachments which the count was around 1100 files. After deletion I opened ACT and synced to the Server Database. When I checked the My Documents folder the files reappeared.



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Re: ACT 2011 Premium

Hi arks,

We haven't seen this before.
Are the original attachments stored on the server in the expected location?
On the remote machine, are the attachments in the root of the My Documents folder the only copies, or are they also saved in the correct location in the database folder under attachments?

If they are not in the correct location as well as my docs, I would suggest rebuilding the preferences file as described in this Knowledgebase article: