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ACT! 2011 Premium linking to Quickbooks

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ACT! 2011 Premium linking to Quickbooks

Hi everyone


This issue may have been covered in a knowledgebase article or on the community somewhere but I can't seem to find much about it.  I apologize if I should have been able to find it. 


We have both ACT! 2011 Premium and Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions: Professional 11.0 and are about to link them together so that the data from Quickbooks can be viewed in ACT!  My question is this:  Our contacts in ACT! are not necessarily the same contacts in Quickbooks for a given company --nor the same address.  The ACT! contact is usually the person we are selling to..with their name, address, etc, While the contact in Quickbooks is the Accounting department contact --and often a different address as well. 


How, when I finalize the linking do the 2 pieces "talk" to each other?  Will it be enough that we put the accounting contact and address on as a secondary contact to contact in ACT!? 


If someone has a place they can point me for this, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Kristine Gilbert

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Re: ACT! 2011 Premium linking to Quickbooks

bumping this


Still hoping for a response.



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Re: ACT! 2011 Premium linking to Quickbooks


You don't refer to a particular product you intend to use for linking ACT! and QB. You will need additional software to provide the connection. 

In our own product Xact Link for ACT! and QB , you can link any ACT! contact to any QB account. The link is permanent until changed or removed by the user, you don't need to use ACT! Secondary Contacts. There is an intelligent search that identifies the QB account card to select when linking. You can link multiple ACT! records to the one QB account if you wanted. On establishing the link you can update the QB account record from ACT! directly, first viewing the QB card from within ACT! to ensure that you don't inadvertantly write over information in QB. You don't need to have QB installed on the users workstation to do any of this.   


If you review the video on our site you will see this in action.


Graeme Leo
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