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ACT! 2011 Premium installed on MS 2008 R2 Server

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ACT! 2011 Premium installed on MS 2008 R2 Server

Customer called, remote in, problems with ACT!. Fixed one big issue DPI was set at 125 caused many errors. Dropped down to 100 fine. Second problem was saving edits of templates. Found out much later that this is a known issue and the workaround is save as the template and save it such "Template.adt".


Manager of user with problem happy for the resolution. Entirely disappointed of not knowing this ahead of time. I understand that and really would like to know how we can be notified about something such as a problem with ACT! templates giving a mistaken error once  it is known. Once again this creates a problem now with getting paid for the work.


Dave Moran


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Re: ACT! 2011 Premium installed on MS 2008 R2 Server

Dave, most of our servers are 2008 R2 (about 25 of them).  We see the issue occasionally (like once every 6-8 weeks).  What we do to get rid of it is to Do a backup, detatch the database, move it out of hte way, then do a file, restore As with the exact same file name.  Fixes it every time.  It has come back, but not often. (this is accross over 50 databases)

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