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ACT 2011 Premium WEB and MS Word 2007/2010 cant create any documents from template or memo

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ACT 2011 Premium WEB and MS Word 2007/2010 cant create any documents from template or memo

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Hi , i have big problem with using act web, it seems that act web setting are all ok, i can add contacts opps and so on . i downloaded and instaled outlooksetup and can attach mails ashistory(still with some problems as not being able to sync contacts/claendar) then i instaled mailmerge thing but i cant create any act documents like memo or from template with word(on non web act there is no problem). As i choose contact and then any of other(from template) from write there window occures with status:

1)downloading (i assume) the template from serwer

2)Reading document

3)initializing mail merge

4)Merging contact1

5)Merge cancelled


and no word open with anything nor any other messages ther is no message in windows logs , i spot that in ...users\username\appdata\roaming\act\act data new files emerge each times i try to create some docs from act and it do not disapear (the files name ar ACTMailMergerId=####Number.tcp

 i disable uac, disable in word safe views for all files, still no succes and do not want to use act text editor. i uninstal both outlook and merge files and instal it again still nothing. the same effect is on 10 computers with all Win7 , Win Xp sp3, and word 2007 and 2010 combination and act web, so i pressume that there must be something that i do incorect :

this is how i install act: i use combine local/web act (local polish web english) , on the server is full web install (i pressume that Hot fix 4,  i was told that newer hotfix for poland is somehow not good) and iis configured. on 4 computers there is local instal full act premium, (there is no problems with word on that 4) , on web clients i do not install act at all just use adress in IE 8 32bit and then i can log in to Act DB with no problem , then from tools links i downloaded to disk  , close IE , close outlook and install outlooksetup.exe, run IE login into act and dowsnload to disk another file ACTmailmergeinsstaller and install it using as adminsitrator options. and in tools >>text editor i choose Word 2003,710 options and there is nothing more to set, i also set email options as Outllok 2003,7,10 and set up mail marge preferences (is it required for creating docs from template ? ).

and thats all . do i miss something ? is there a need to instal act for web on clients computers or is it enough to install it on the server ? should i do sth with iis other than with apfw folder ? there are some other folders that sugest connection with outlook or sth /


sorry for long post and probably language but there is noone that can help me from local sage techs and i must haste since i must set it up to 26.05 .


edited: i also spoted that each try of using memos or template ,even as word window do not show,  left opened proces WINWORD in task manager.


ACT PFW is in 13.1.105

Mail merger