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ACT 2010 import

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ACT 2010 import

we are trying to import mkt values for our contacts.  We have one unique identifier, but it seems to skip it and add the record, even if we say merge the files.  Any suggestions?  example

user field 8 contains broker code, we have an import file that has the same code in User 8, then a total mkt value to put in field 9.

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Re: ACT 2010 import

If you are trying to update fields that already have data in them, ACT! can't do that without an add-on such as itImport
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Re: ACT 2010 import

All I can say is check your settings - make sure User 8 is the only field you're using and that duplicate checking is on (Tools, Preferences, Duplicate Checking button) and that you have the import options set to merge when a contact matches.


BTW - you don't need the tool Mike linked to unless you want to overwrite old data - though even if you do, you could blank out the field first by doing a Lookup and then using Edit/Replace to blank the fields you're importing to.  (back up your data first!)

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