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ACT 2010 Web Browser Issues - Whats happening in the real world!

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ACT 2010 Web Browser Issues - Whats happening in the real world!

We run 13 users with ACT 2010. They all connect using web browser, not the thick client. My problems are:


1. We have Vista installed on all PC's and that comes with IE8 installed.  IE8 does not work properly with ACT2010 unless you force it into compatability mode (IE7 mode).   But then you lose access to the cool new features in IE8.  ACT2010 has been out for ages. Why doesn't it run with IE8 in IE8 mode?


2. IE7 and IE8 are very slow to load ACT pages. We only have 13 users, and they are not all trying to refresh at the same time. Why is ACT2010 server so slow?


3. Most of our users would prefer to use anything other than IE7 or IE8. They would normally use Firefox or Chrome for most daily web browsing tasks, yet they are forced to endure a really bad IE experience with ACT2010. When are ACT going to get real and support Firefox?


4. We use Switchvox for our VOIP PBX. It has a really cool Firefox addin that allows you to highlight a phone number on a web page, and then auto dial that number on the PBX. It calls the contact, then calls your desk phone. You pick up the phone and you are calling the contact automatically.  Now if ACT2010 worked iwth Firefox we could use this feature to auto dial our ACT phone numbers.  Its interesting to note that both Sugar CRM and SalesForce both work with Firefox and support this cool auto dial feature with SwitchVox.  If only we had bought SugarCRM we could use this feature.


5. The ACT2010 Outlook web connector,promises so much but delivers so little.  The most frustrating part of the whole experience is that you can't create a company and contact via that interface, only a contact.  So this means you have to then go into web interface and add the contact to a company as a secondary step.  This is really annoying when you have recieve emails from 10 new people, who are not in ACT and you have to perform multiple separate steps through 2 different interfaces to create those contacts in ACT so you can attach the outlook emails to them.


Does anyone else out there use the web interface and outlook web connector and feel just  a frustrated by this as we do?


It would be really great if Sage could put some real effort into the web browser and outlook web experiences making them easier to use.  This is the way forward in a mobile road warrior world.


We are regularly paying for upgrades, but we are really getting nothing of value from those upgrades.


I would appreciate hearing back from someone at Sage on the issues I have raised.


Regards Mike Kirkby


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Re: ACT 2010 Web Browser Issues - Whats happening in the real world!

1. There are many apps that require compatability mode in IE8... I guess they don't want the code to lose functions with the older browsers.

2. Depends on the server you're running on and the bandwidth

3. I use Firefox with IETab... but I agree that it would be much better for real FF support.

4. Interesting... I'll have to have a look at this product. Wonder if it's available in Australia?

5. You don't need to create the companies just to attach the emails


You might post request for these to be considered for future versions here -

Input from this web page goes directly into a database that management has direct access to read, and which they also track and gather statistics on. It also allows other users to vote on these so Sage can get an idea of the demand

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Re: ACT 2010 Web Browser Issues - Whats happening in the real world!

I see that ACT has just released support for ie8.


Thats fabulous news!


Now we here's hoping they release support for Firefox soon?



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Re: ACT 2010 Web Browser Issues - Whats happening in the real world!

I have some people using an IE tab feature in Firefox.  One has no problem, the other gets a question about whether to debug scripts after logging in.  She clicks no, then the screen goes blank.


Any ideas?





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