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ACT 2010 Premium and MyFax

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ACT 2010 Premium and MyFax

We installed the MyFax plugin (after going through the frustration of trying FaxAdmin and WinFax 10.3) and while we can send a fax via the MyFax tab in the ACT menubar, we are not able to have the mail merge function in ACT work with MyFax.  We do have ACT's mail merge working well with e-mail, just not with MyFax.


The mail merge function lets us identify the .adt template we want to send and it let's us select 'Fax' and go right through to clicking 'Finish'. It then appears to be loading the mail merge (green progress bar is shown and active) and then . . . . . nothing!


When we check the MyFax 'Fax Center' outbox and sent box, the fax transmission is not shown. Indeed, the fax never is sent.


Does anyone have a suggestion on what might be causing this problem?


Is anyone else actually doing mail merges from ACT 2010 Premium using MyFax?


Thanks for any help you can offer.