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ACT! 2010 Log On Status

Tuned Listener
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ACT! 2010 Log On Status




Can somebody pls share with me how the "Log On Status" work?




Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: ACT! 2010 Log On Status

Inactive - does not take up a license, and can not login to the database.  Can be reactivated at a later date.  This is a good option if someone doesn't need access for an extended period of time.  Also, this is good to use instead of deleting a user.  When deleting a user, you must reassign everything to a new user.  By making them inactive, you can see everything the old user did, but they can't login and it does not take up a license.



Active Pending Logon - This means a login name has been created, but that user has not logged in yet.  Once they do, it will take up a license


Activie - user has logged into the database at least once and they are taking up a license.


Hope this helps.

Michael Matthews
Bridge Concepts, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX