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ACT! 2010 Hotfix 2 locale

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ACT! 2010 Hotfix 2 locale

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First, if running ACT! 2010, you really should get HF2 -  How to Download and Apply the ACT! by Sage 2010 Hot Fix 2


I was wondering if anyone knows why Hotfix 2 requires different versions of the Act.UI.PickList.dll (which I think is language neutral) for Premium in different locales?


Also, why doesn't it need this for standard ACT! by Sage?

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Re: ACT! 2010 Hotfix 2 locale



Hotfixes are cumulative, so you don't need to install hotfix one and then hotfix two.  Applying hotfix #2 on a machine that already has hotfix one will be fine.


The hotfixes for Premium tier contained regional specific file modifications which are not relevant to the Standard tier product.


Does that answer your question?



Matthew McFadden