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ACT! 2009 to 2010 with Terminal Services and RAID0+5 - Help

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ACT! 2009 to 2010 with Terminal Services and RAID0+5 - Help

I searched and searched and cannot find an answer: Bought a server, ACT! 2010 Premium. I'm sitting at a fresh install of Server 2008. On the Citrix/TS whitepaper, it tells me I should run Disc 2 (SQL Server) first to manually create ACT7 instance (thought this was only if you have existing SQL server?). I'm running 2008 on a RAID 0 (mirrored) partition. I tried installing everything to a separate partition (RAID 5), now everytime I try to install Disc 1 (ACT! 2010), It says I have an instance with the same name (of course). My question is should I uninstall SQL (Disc 2) and just run ACT! installation like normal? Also I'm moving our current 2009 db over to this new version for an upgrade, so I thought keeping actual db on a separate partition (RAID5) was the best approach. Maybe I should install ACT! and SQL to RAID0 (root C:/) and keep the actual db on RAID5 (E:/)? I'm supposed to be giving a small demo of 2010 to the exec's tomorrow at lunch, any help appreciated!



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Re: ACT! 2009 to 2010 with Terminal Services and RAID0+5 - Help

The Disc2 install was for previous versions.... you only need to manually create the instance if you want to use your own SQL 2005 Standard or SQL 2008.


To be honest, I'm not sure of any specific requirements for ACT! 2010 with TS/Citrix, but if using Outlook, see this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


I'd put the apps under Program Files (whichever partition that is) and the database on which ever is fastest


Remember to move the old database to the new server via Backup/Restore - Restore_As


Here are some methods for keeping backups: