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ACT! 2009 premium access rights

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ACT! 2009 premium access rights

Hi guys,


I have a number of users on my ACT database. All of the users have different access rights which is fine but i want to restrict ALL data to one person who only requires access to a particular group. I do not want them to have any  access to my companies.

Is it possible to have restrictions on different groups etc but still have access to my diary.

The reason for this is that i will be employing someone to do the telsesale and i only want access to the telesales customers and my diary.


I look forward to any comments that will help resolve this iisue ( if possible ) !

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Re: ACT! 2009 premium access rights

You can setup limited access on your contacts, groups, and companies.  You can find more information in the Help Topics and in the KB article below.


 How To Set Contact Access Controls for Users in ACT! by Sage Premium