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ACT 2009 Premium access via Web

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ACT 2009 Premium access via Web

I am trying to set up the ACT 2009 Premium Web access, just ready to install as a matter of fact. I have several questions here. I have only one license for Premium and I thought when buying that via web access I would be able to access my ACT databes that is located in our offices while for instance away in hotel or at other offices via web, am I wrong here? May I by any chance install ACT 2009 Premum as back up also at home with same account data, and exactly same contacts? That would most probably take second license?


Do any of you have suggestions of any hosting company that stores the databases for ACT 2009 premium for 24/7 access. We are smaller consulting firm and our network is turned off when last person leaves the office while our e-mailing system is on the hosted server.


I also have following question. I would like to access my database also at times via web at my clients computer, for security purposes, can I disable anything but viewing on the web account while there ? Or can my staffer do that at the main ACT! software installed site, and if so where?


Can I have on one computer more than one ACT account or are accounts per linense? I would like to set up extra accounts for my analyst, consultants and for my secretary all would be accessable only from one computer for now, rest would be via web.


We are just transfering from Outlook BCM so my questions are what they seem ie from total novice.


Looking forward to hearing from you all,


Ps Any hints on best extra lincese offers are also welcome. 

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Re: ACT 2009 Premium access via Web



No know where you are is difficult to recommend a hosting service although there are a number of them out there. Maybe you shoudl speak with a local  ACT Consultant for a recommendation.


You will need additional licenses for you other staff as ACT is based on licenses per named user. So if you have 4 people whom you want to access the database you will need 4 licenses.


Paul Buchtmann Australia
Australia's First ACT Consultant (1989)

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Re: ACT 2009 Premium access via Web

Paul, thank you very much for your reply, Paul. We are based in Austria, but have e-mail exchange server hostings from usa. So USA hostings wouldn't be a problem. What type of hosting request do I need to make? SQL Server?

if you or anyone else could recommend a trusting parter for this I would be very greatful.

I gathered the license was per user. Does this mean that same user can have with one license two copies installed one at home and one at work, or one at desktop at work and one on laptop? This would be highly important for analyst who works a lot from out of office.


Do you have any remarks on safety of accessing the sage via web from client provided machines? 

Or would it be safer to have database stored on usb encrypted key on clients laptop?

Thank you again for your time! Maya

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Re: ACT 2009 Premium access via Web


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