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ACT! 2009 Premium Admin account changed names ???

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ACT! 2009 Premium Admin account changed names ???

I have a customer I am working for and their local ACT "admin" has done something I have never seen before when dealing with ACT!


Here is what has happened:


Created main database with user "admin", created 45 users in the system for the people in the office, none of them are admins, all standard users for data input only.  I got called back to their office 2 months later with a strange request.


I logged back in as "admin" and the account was no longer associated with the admin accounr but a worker at the office named Heather.


Somehow the admin account sees itself as Heather ?


1)Start ACT! and pur in my creds UN: admin / PW:*****************

2) It brings me to Heather contact page and not he admin contact page ?


Does anybody know how to fix this ? because now even in the Tools -> Manage Users, the Admin account has a contact name of Heather.


Everybody here claims they did nothing but I am not to sure.


For reference they are running ACT! 2009 Premium Version


Thanks, Joe



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Re: ACT! 2009 Premium Admin account changed names ???

This is actually pretty common. Someone overwrote the admin contact page with information about Heather. Usually this happens when someone feels like an admin record being in the database is a mistake.  However doing so, makes it look like the mystery person "heather" is doing all the work since all notes, hostories, etc list Heather as the record manager.


it's easy to fix.  Log in as admin, go to lookup,my record. You should see "heather" information listed here. this is the problem.  Just go back and change the info back to Admin and you should be all set.  You may want to duplicate record so you can create a regular "heather" record. Also, if you look at the last edited by field, you may find the guilty party.

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