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ACT! 2009 Premi - upgrade OS from XP to Windows 7

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ACT! 2009 Premi - upgrade OS from XP to Windows 7

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I have 2009 Premium and 3 other agents have the same program. They must sync with my computer using Hamachi. E-Mail is not important for our purposes. If I switch to Windows 7 Professional from XP Professional, will the other 3 agents have to do the same in order to continue syncing with me?


The reason I am thinking of doing this is because the computer tech who built my computer thinks that ACT is the reason the computer freezes up and causes all operations to be extremely slow. He suspects "&" will possibly cure the issue. Can this be true?


Thanks for any advice you might have.




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Re: ACT! 2009 Premi - upgrade OS from XP to Windows 7

Hello BigDave,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


To answer the basic question: Yes, you can upgrade to a Windows 7 operating system without the others having to do the same.  The operating systems do not have to be the same.


When you upgrade to Windows 7, will you also be upgrading hardware?  XP has a smaller footprint than Windows 7, so you will want to upgrade your hardware also (primarily increased RAM - memory).  I would look at just increasing the RAM before going through the steps to upgrade to Windows 7. 


What process is the tech looking at to upgrade to Windows 7?  If the intent was to upgrade with everything in place, we have seen that cause issues with the installation of ACT! and the MS SQL application.  It is recommended to uninstall ACT! and SQL before upgrading and then reinstall afterward.

Greg Martin