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ACT 2008 for Web after free update

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ACT 2008 for Web after free update

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My act has been nothing but a pain since I updated it. Did ACT build a scam, so that they would force me to buy the update? I really HATE ACT right now. Constantly crashing. I even brought in the server exerpts, reinstalled the software on the server, etc, and still major issues. I am wondering who do I talk to to demand that they give me a a free upgrade to 2009 to see if that will fix it? I have the experts who will say it is clearly a ACT issue and not my server.



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Re: ACT 2008 for Web after free update

If any company released a "scam update", there would be a huge lawsuit.  Have you ever called into ACT! technical support or an ACT! certified consultant to help with your issues?  If you're having an ACT! problem and you call in "server experts" that aren't familiar with ACT! software, they aren't going to be much help.


Please call into ACT! technical support so that one of our support agents can assist you with your ACT! 2008 10.0.3 update issue.





David Lunceford

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Re: ACT 2008 for Web after free update

I would echo my colleagues comments and suggest you contact Sage or an ACC.

I have deployed APFW countless times as an ACC, and the only problems I've encountered were either network or operating system related.

And let me gently dispel a notion that "server experts" are qualified to judge APFW. They're not.

I've been in IT for 15 years (an MCSE that employs a team of skilled technicians), and I routinely get called in by companies that have qualified internal IT people on staff. Companies that nevertheless hire me to deploy ACT.

Yesterday I deployed it at an IT firm, who correctly realized that knowing IT doesn't make you an ACT! expert, as much as knowing ACT! doesn't make you an IT expert. 


Anyway, ACT 10.03 is not bug free, but it is stable.

You're experiencing more grief than the program is likely responsible for. 




Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
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Re: ACT 2008 for Web after free update

It might also help if you posted the actual errors and the system you're running on. Someone might be able to help you :-)