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ACT! 2008 Premium Export issue

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ACT! 2008 Premium Export issue

I am currently able to export using either the our Server that is hosting SQL Express 2005 and the Database Files for ACT! 2008, however on certain workstations I'm unable to export, I get to the point where I click finish to begin the export, a progress bar appears and then eventually disappears without showing any progress or sign of the contact having been exported to the other database.  I'm wondering if there could be a conflict with .Net or SQL-Express causing this.  I also get a an error if I do not select the right MAP file (the second one we've created will not work for some reason) stating the following:


Length cannot be less than zero.

Parameter name: length.


Anyone who has seen this please let me know so I can make sure our database can export from anywhere on the network (with administrative access of course).



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Re: ACT! 2008 Premium Export issue

Hello Whannon0781,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Is there anything different about the workstations that the export won't work on?  For example, are they Vista while the others are XP... do they have an additional anti-virus software on them...


On the workstations that are not exporting, is the Act! SQL service running?  To check:

- click on Windows Start button

- select Run for XP, use Search field for Vista/Win7

- enter command 'services.msc'

- on Services screen, scroll to locate 'SQL Server (ACT7)'

- check Status column

- if the Status column is blank, right click on service and select Start

- test export


Greg Martin
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Re: ACT! 2008 Premium Export issue

Firstly, a little more background on the network:


ACT! Server is a Dell PowerEdge 2900 Series running Win2k3 R2

All Client PC's running Win XP Pro SP2/SP3


Using the SQL-Express 2005 that came with ACT! 2008 Premium


1st client PC that was having issues exporting (test to come) did not have the ACT7 SQL service running, started it and will test shortly.


2nd client PC, does not show ACT7 service for SQL in services.  Is there a way to just re-install the SQL instance from the ACT! 2008 Premium CD or would I need to completely re-install for this Client to operate properly regarding ACT!?