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ACT 11 Backup data file size

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ACT 11 Backup data file size

We are running ACT v11 on XP Pro, using ACT Scheduler to make backups.  Our database has about 3,000 contacts.  The compressed zip files (does not include any email data) created by Scheduler are almost 11 GB (10,958,852 KB) each.  The same data in ACT6 before our conversion a month ago was only 481 MB uncompressed - including 6 years of email history.  The zip files being created seem pretty large to me - is this normal?



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Re: ACT 11 Backup data file size



I think you accidentally posted on this thread when you meant to create a new one.


Large backup files can arise if your scheduled backups are going to the backup folder under "YourDatabaseName - DatabaseFiles Folder". This is because you can find yourself doing backups of the backups. Try changing the backup path to a folder above this one, then move the existing backup files to this location, then run a manual backup - if this is the issue you should find that the new file is much smaller than the older ones. If this is the case you can now change the file path for backups in Scheduler.





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