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2012 Premium - Find Contacts without opportunities

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2012 Premium - Find Contacts without opportunities

When A new contact is added into my database it is because somebody is asking for an estimate....

sometimes in the rush... an opportunity does not get added and they fall through the cracks... which brings 2 questions...


1. How do i Search for contacts with no Opportunities

2. Is there any way to prevent an new opportunity from NOT being added (kind of like the field cant be blank red blinker thing error)





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Re: 2012 Premium - Find Contacts without opportunities

1) I do believe that there are addons out there that will do this, don't believe that ACT! will do this for you OOTB.  You could likely create a dashboard list to show such contacts if you know a little SQL...


2)  ACT! does not support creating a new contact dependent upon creating a related oppty.  Stated another way, ACT! will not automatically create an oppty for a new contact record.

Again, likely an addon or the like that could do this for you...