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2011 Pro, Outlook 2010 - Sync issues

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2011 Pro, Outlook 2010 - Sync issues

I'm having some major concerns about syncing data from Outook 2010 to ACT 2011.  Here are some:


1)  Apparently I cannot sync my Business Contact Manager.

2)  I have several folders under My Contacts.  Outlook will only sync the first.  The others are important !

3)  I have an active To Do list.  Why can't it sync with Outlook ?

4)  Apparently there was no sync of email messages associated with accounts.


Has anyone else encountered the same issues ?  Suggestions ? 

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Re: 2011 Pro, Outlook 2010 - Sync issues

1. Not an option
2. Not an option
3. Not sure what you mean?
4. Emails don't sync... ACT! can use Outlook as it's email client.

Personally, I don't recommend the ACT!/Outlook sync as it has quite a few issues