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2011 Premium install issues

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2011 Premium install issues

We are having install issues with 2011 Premium.  Prior to this we used 2009.  Wh en trying to install to a particular laptop, install freezes and display popup-  


Sage ACT! has detected an ACT7 instance that could not be connected successfully.  Either you have entered incorrect password or SQL service may not be running.  The installation can not continue at this time.  Please run the installer again and provide a valid password or make sure that SQL (ACT7) instance running and then continue session.


I did find this exact popup in the knowledgebase and followed the instructions.

Screenshot may differ based on your version of ACT!)
Please use the following steps to correct this issue:
1.Click OK to stop the installation.
2.Click Start and select Run.
3.The Run dialog box appears, in the Open field type services.msc.
4.The Services console appears, locate the SQL Server (ACT7) service and right-click.
5.From the shortcut menu, select Restart.
6.The Services Control dialog box will appear to start the service and to stop the service. When the dialog box closes, install ACT!.
If you are still experiencing this stated error message, please reboot the computer and then install ACT!.

Still fails, theSQL Server (ACT7) errored out when trying to start-


Windows could not start the SQL Server (ACT7) on local computer.  If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor and refer to error cod 3414.


Tried to give as much info as possible, would appreciate any help.





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Re: 2011 Premium install issues

Apparently 2011 has the option to run the program without a local instance of SQL running. Was it installed with the option to not use SQL?



  • A new option is available for installation that will allow users to install ACT! without installing Microsoft® SQL Server®. If a user chooses this option, (s)he will not be able to create or upgrade a database."


Either that, or I think (correct me if I'm wrong) but ACT 2009 uses SQL 2005 and ACT 2011 uses SQL 2008, so you may have to completely remove ACT and make sure the SQL ACT7 instance is gone so that it can recreate the instance in SQL 2008 upon install. 

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Re: 2011 Premium install issues

That makes sense, will give it a go.