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2011 Premium - 2 minor glitches

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2011 Premium - 2 minor glitches

This is our first day using the new version and as expected, my users have unearthed two weird glitches.


We use dual monitors.  When a user has ACT maximized on their Left monitor, then goes into List View, and clicks on the Options button, the menu shows up on the Right monitor instead of the one that ACT is maximized on.


Second glitch.  After having ACT open for about five hours, one of my users was unable to Restore the window.  Again, with the dual monitors, sometimes they resize windows and move them to the other screen.  She could minimize or maximize, but nothing in between, and she couldn't click the title bar and drag it.  Closing and opening ACT again fixed the issue for the time being.


Otherwise, we have been largely without issue, this is the best upgrade we've had yet.  Thanks.  Smiley Happy