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2010 Opportunity Notes

Tuned Listener
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2010 Opportunity Notes


I' m looking for HELP with 2010 Opportunities..

When a contact is listed and highlighted, within an Opportunity, one can click on  Call / Meeting / To Do etc and the new schedule activity box will  appear and automatically populate the Activity Schedule with the Opportunity and Contact associated with it.

However the exception is when one clicks on a New Note:

The new Inserted Note is automatically associated with the opportunity but one loses the association with the contact.

Net result is that from a New Insert Note box, the opportunity is automatically populated, but one has to chose from ALL Contacts at the top, to select the named contact in the opportunity.

This does not seem logical. Am I making a mistake or is this how it should be?

thanks for any suggestions 

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: 2010 Opportunity Notes

Yeah, that's the way it works.


I guess it would be nice if the preferences let you specify how that should be handled - I can see it being desirable either way.


If you have a lot of contacts included in the opportunity, you could right-click the opportunity in the list and choose "Create Lookup" then go back to the opportunity and create the note, this time selecting from contacts in "Current Lookup", but that's not much of a time saver if you only have a couple of contacts on the opportunity.


Definitely something to submit via the "Share Your Ideas" tab!



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