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2 steps forward - 1 step back

Tuned Listener
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2 steps forward - 1 step back

I just upgrade to 2009 from 2006 - the biggest improvement was the Outlook integration - this is a big help. Nice also was the linking of Company & Contact fields.


However, many other "simple" but time saving features are no longer there -- e.g.,


1. When sending an email, you can only search by typing in the firstname lastname. Seems the developers are thinking linearly!

2. Linking a contact to a company - the pop up window doesnt allow for the company name to be typed in but one has to scroll down to find the company. I have 5000+ companies - so its a pain -- what were they thinking?

3. They have reintroduced the idea of field updates in the Contact List view - but fields get displaced when they are updated - which has caused me to stop using this feature - they acknowledge this is known bug - why release it then?

4. One cannot automatically save a template file as a template file without specifying the full name with quotes - e.g., "template.adt" - this is ridiculous. Why mess with such a simple feature.


I have come to feel the marketing and developer folks at ACT just dont intimately understand how their product is used.


Was the upgrade worth it? Not really! It is saving no more time relative to the work arounds I had to do with 2006.