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2 databases 2 emails

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2 databases 2 emails

Hi!  If I have two different databases; one for personal, one for business can they sync to two different email accounts???

Thanks for the help!


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Re: 2 databases 2 emails

Assuming the 2 databases are located on the same computer:


If you are referring to Google sync, the ACT! preferences only allow you to select a single Google account and specific ACT! database.  Those settings will be retained independent of the database that is currently open.  If you wanted to synchronize multiple databases with different Google accounts, you would have to manually change those settings each time you want to synchronize.


If you are referring to Outlook synchronization, the ACT! preferences again only allow you to select a single ACT! database - it will synchronize that database with the currently opened Outlook profile.  To synchronize different databases with different Outlook profiles, you would need to manually change the Outlook sync settings (select different database) and open the appropriate Outlook profile. 


With these scenarios, I see a lot of room for mistakenly synchronizing a database with a wrong account.  Should you decide to attempt this, I highly recommend you make frequent backups of your ACT! databases and Outlook profiles (Google has options for resetting contacts to earlier timeframes).



Greg Martin
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Re: 2 databases 2 emails

One of the many downsides of multiple database...


Could you just have one and make all the personal contacts private?


Further, if your database is just used by yourself, you could create a group for personal and one for business...