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17.1 HF1 Google sync and .NET version detection

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17.1 HF1 Google sync and .NET version detection

I've seen this a few times now with 17.1 HF1 but haven't been able to resolve it with a .NET repair. Seems to detect 4.0 but I have 4.5.2 installed which should not require any updates and obviuosly the update it links me to is incorrect for my version of .NET.

Seems I'm able to reproduce it in any 17.1 HF1 install but not in 17.1 without the hotfix. 

Mike Johnston, ACC
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Re: 17.1 HF1 Google sync and .NET version detection

Hi Mike,

This is actually by design. We do not have the capability to determine if Microsoft's .Net 4.0 patch is installed on users’ systems. Therefore, we made the decision to have the popup appear each time a user navigates to the Google Integration preferences. If you have .Net 4.5.2 installed, then the popup does not apply, and you can safely click on the No button in the popup and continue with the Google Integration setup. If you are unable to complete Google Integration, please let us know, and we will look into the issue as quickly as possible.


Thank you!

Andrew Roof
Product Manager, Act! Premium